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Move The Bird
Move The Birds is the bird game that will make you angry if you are not using your brains. Believe us, when you are clumsy enough you cannot win this game because this game requires thinking and accuracy in every move.

So how is exactly is this free bird game is played? With a certain limited of moves you are going clear the stacks of birds. Don't get your hopes up that this game is super easy, the birds position are very intricate. Once you solve a level another unlocks and its getting challenging as the level progresses. But don't worry about it, we are confident that you are going to win this bird wars and prove that you're brain is not as floppy as your brother Larry claims to be. So stop talking and play this bird game!

Move The Birds Features:
- HD Graphics to stop you from getting angry when losing.
- Adorable bird graphics to keep you playing.
- The finger control gives excitement!
- Free for a lifetime!
- One false move and you lose this bird game!
- Make it a healthy competition, share this game with your friends!
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