Free Poker Games Parachute Hero - Falling Fred, Happy Fall, Super Falling Fred, parachute jump, Frozen Free Fall
Parachute Hero
Are you ready to be frozen with excitement while doing a free fall? Well, this game is totally for you.
Parachute Hero is very exhilarating game that is sure to turn your stomach with excitement.
This game is all about falling 2000 feet from above, and while you fall in high speed, you have to avoid the obstacles.
In playing this game, you have to tilt your device from left to right to avoid the hindrances that could lead you to a end the game!

Best Features Of Parachute Hero:
- Cool graphics to enjoy the game!
- Amazing background music and sounds to really get you involve with the game!
- Great 3D HD images for smooth playing
- The device tilt control brings pure game interaction.
- Free for a limited time
- Super jam-packed with bonuses
- Unlocks to the next level when certain distance is reached.
- Parachute Hero does not require ultra permissions, it only requires internet connection and wake lock permissions, you can verify this with a trusted Anti Malware, in other words, our game is SAFE to download and enjoy!

Parachute Hero game is inspired from a real story of a young boy named Fred. We are going to relate this to you so you can get inspired too while playing this free fall game. Fred hails from a super small town in the standing in the cliff. At the end of the cliff, there is a progressive town where the people in Fred's village get their supplies of frozen goods to fresh vegetables. Everyday, these super happy people walk for one 4 hours to reach the town below. It is quite a pleasant walk and the happy people in Fred's town doesn't seem to mind, until a heavy rain fall passed by and damaged the road. Fred and the people were worried because now they do not have supplies. But with Fred's quick thinking he was able to create a parachute so he can jump to the cliff and reach the town below for help. The people were very skeptical but Fred still adamant to use the parachute, jumped off the cliff and he was then called falling Fred. He successfully reach the village below and now, Fred's people is saved because of his brave parachute jump!
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